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?ZhuoPeng industry &trade co., LTD. Was established in dongguan2013Years,Officially registered in2017Years4Month,Since the company since its establishment,Keep practicing modern enterprise management,Form a set of hardware products、Plastic products、Rubber and plastic products、Adhesive products、Manicure tools、The fixture、Office supplies、Binding material、Hardware accessories、Plastic accessories、Grinding and polishing materials research and development production and sales,We strive to increase capacity to supply market demand,Enlarge the scale of production and sales。Companies adhering to the“Innovation concept、The pursuit of excellence、Rapid improvements、Sustainable business”The management idea;And to“The quality is ZhuoPeng foundation”,“Customer satisfaction is our mission”As we never change management policy;To care for the environment,Return society、Caring about employees, such as social responsibility;The“The good faith、Be responsible for、Innovation、The team”All the staff as the dongguan ZhuoPeng constant pursuit and goal,In order to(Exceed customer demand,Attentively service,To provide customers with more)As the mission。Do a really high、A thinking、Dare to innovation of science and technology,Let the quality at the head of the global,Let the brand leading industry,Dongguan ZhuoPeng,Have been to“Customers、Three point one lines form a benefit community staff and partners”To strive for。Company's core values of dongguan ZhuoPeng people-oriented、Respect for personality、Set...

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